Tips On Animal Photography

IMG_8515Do you have a pet that is scared of the camera? So, every time you point the camera at your pet they turn their head from fear almost like it’s the vacuum. Here’s what you do to train them that every time they see the camera they pose. My dog Daisy May has this technique of posing because she see’s the camera and immediately associates it with a treat.

How did I do this?

What you’re going to do is use the desensitizing training method. You can use this with any object or sound that the animal is afraid of. So, every time you bring out the camera have a bag of treats. Every time the dog comes near the camera treat them. They will quickly associate this object, the camera, with a treat. If you have a dog ask him or her to sit when the camera is out and treat them with the camera pointed at them. This quickly gets you dog to feel more comfortable and they will recognize this photo shooting event as a positive experience and I can guarantee better photographs of your furry friend.