Wedding & Portrait Packages


I take around 1,200 photographs and you will receive a Disc with all the Copy Rights to allow you to do whatever you want with the photographs.  I will do a general edit on all photographs and will artistically enhance some as well.

Wedding Packages


*E-Mail Hours & Budget and I’ll get back to you with a Quote.*

Please e-mail or call for a price quote.   406-381-1921

When doing a wedding I take around 1,200 Images. You will receive 3 copies. One for you and both sets of parents. The disc will give you all copy rights. Additional Discs are only $40 a piece.

Event Photography

I love shooting candids so when I do Events like Fashion Shows, Parties, Reunions, and so forth I am at my prime.  I enjoy catching those moments when you show the real you.  The happy moments, the laughter, the embarrassing moments, or those moments where you capture someone in love.  Call or E-Mail for a price.